Statement of Intent 2007 - 2012

The Ministry of Education’s Statement of Intent 2007-2012 (SOI) sets out key elements of how the ministry will contribute to the delivery of government themes and ministerial priorities for education.

The SOI also contains the ministry’s prospective financial statements for 1 July 2007 – 30 June 2008 and the performance dimensions associated with the outputs we are funded to deliver over that year.

Our logo, what does it stand for?

The Ministry of Education’s logo is made up of very distinctive and symbolic elements.

In a meeting house, the Tāhuhu is the ridgepole, the backbone, which supports the rafters, and knits the whole edifice together. It runs the length of the meeting house from the interior rear to the verandah section, linking with the carved frontal face, the Koruru. Within the meeting house are figures of the descendants, the supporters of the whānau, linked together to signify unity. In both real and symbolic terms, the Tāhuhu is the source of strength and unity for the meeting house.

The Ministry of Education, Te Tāhuhu o te Mātauranga, becomes the ridgepole of the meeting house of learning, so acknowledging its responsibility to provide strength and unity.

The three triangles, which appear in the logo, represent the three areas of education: early childhood education, compulsory education and post-compulsory education and training.

Visually, the triangle is a powerful symbol of aspirations and dreams. The triangles, then, are representative of mother earth, and symbolic of the challenge that education offers to the people.

Finally, the triangle is a powerful cultural symbol regularly used in tukutuku designs, to depict strength (the kaokao design) and determination (the shark’s tooth).

New Zealand is an island nation; the wave patterns beneath the triangles represent the waterways of the land and symbolise the lifeblood of Aotearoa. They also suggest waves of communication – which is at the heart of education. And they act graphically to tie together the distinct triangles, suggesting that education is a continuous and ongoing process.

Content last updated: 21 May 2015