Novopay testing and readiness for go-live

Novopay testing documents

Documents for download are at the bottom of the page.

These documents outline the testing process used for Novopay and the results achieved.

  • The test strategy
  • Test test coverage matrix
  • Test summary reports 

Go live documents

  • Sector readiness report
    Report on the readiness of the sector for Novopay go-live.
  • Sector readiness surveys results
    Surveys of Novopay users in schools carried out to check their readiness for Novopay go-live.
  • Go live readiness check list and recommendation
    Check list of key activities required to be completed or confidently on track to be completed prior to the project being able to go-live.
  • ‘Go live’ approval document (5 June 2012)
    Agreement to go-live, signed by Ministers Parata, Foss and English.

Content last updated: 13 February 2013