Novopay payroll statistics

This page contains statistics from the introduction of Novopay onwards. Statistics here should be read in conjunction with the pay period reports. They show the number of school staff paid, the total value of the payroll and other related statistics. The first pay period using Novopay was pay period 12 which was paid on 5 September 2012.

Explanatory notes

Pay periods

School staff are paid fortnightly so there are 26 pay periods. Pay period 1 is the first pay period after the start of the new tax year on 1 April and pay period 26 is the last pay before the end of the tax year on 31 March.


This table only shows overpayments, to school staff, that have entered the Talent2 debt management system.

This only represents a small proportion of current potential overpayments.

An overpayment can be identified by a school, the employee, the Ministry or Talent2.  Once that debt has been identified and notification comes through the Novopay Service Centre, a ticket is created by Novopay.

Before a debt can be added to the system a number of steps must take place:

  • A ticket is investigated and a calculation undertaken to determine the overpayment value of the debt/s contained in that ticket
  • At this point the debt is entered into the debt ledger
  • The school and employee are contacted to advise of the overpayment and repayment plan options are worked through.

This means there are more potential overpayments still to enter the debt management system.

The debt that was previously managed by Datacom (old debt) was transferred to Talent2 on 24 August 2012. New debt is the number of new debts entered on to the Talent2 debt management system.

Pay period statistics

The original release below showed a limited range of statistics, these have now been superceeded by the more detailed pay period reports.

Content last updated: 25 March 2015