Developing Novopay

Once the vendor (Talent2) was selected and approved, a project was established to develop and implement Novopay. The project followed the PRINCE2 methodology, which is the standard approach for managing projects and programmes within the Ministry. The Novopay development took place over a number of years, due to the level of customisation required for what is a highly complex and large payroll.

Risk and issue reports

Regular project reporting on risks and issues.

State Services Commission Quarterly Monitoring reports

Cabinet requires the State Services Commission (SSC) to provide reports on designated major projects such as Novopay project.

Costs quoted in these reports are ‘whole of life’ costs (WLC). For a definition of ‘whole of life’ cost

Internal and External Quality Assurance reports

Internal quality assurance reports prepared by the Ministry’s internal auditor and external quality assurance reports prepared by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC).

Novopay Governance Board minutes

The Novopay Governance Board provides overall governance of the project Membership at 29 January 2013 was:

  • Rowena Phair, Ministry of Education
  • Rebecca Elvy, Ministry of Education
  • Leanne Gibson, Ministry of Education
  • Tina Cornelius, Ministry of Education
  • Grant Dennis, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Mel Wallwork, SSC
  • Judith Johnston, Independent
  • Vaughan Crouch, Independent
  • David Miller, Independent


Steering Committee Minutes

The Project Steering Committee has day-to-day oversight of the project.



Project Weekly Report

Weekly reports on project progress by the project team.



Content last updated: 18 September 2013