Background on Novopay

The Novopay timeline

The Novopay project chronology document at the bottom of the page lists key Cabinet and Ministerial decisions on Novopay and a general timeline covering the period from June 2005 to the present. In addition, the Cabinet Papers and Minutes that initiated the replacement of the schools' payroll are included.

Overview of the education payroll

The New Zealand education payroll is the largest payroll in New Zealand and one of the top 10 in Australasia. The Novopay service delivers services to 6,128 authorised users at 2,457 schools, pays 90,000 people every fortnight, and up to 110,000 people over the course of a year. These staff are covered by 15 separate collective agreements, resulting in approximately 10,000 possible pay variations.

Novopay is the equivalent of a mega payroll and consists of 2,457 payrolls (one per school) running a complex set of business rules that are specific only to the New Zealand education sector. Unlike a “normal” payroll, where an employee works for one company, usually in one role and has a small set of employment entitlements that need to be administered per pay cycle, Novopay has to manage many employees, who can work for multiple employers (schools), and belong to more than one collective agreement.

Novopay has had to have some unique features built into it that are not found in other “normal” payrolls. For example, at the end of every year over 40,000 staff leave the payroll and then restart in the New Year.

NovoTimes internal newsletters 2012

Regular newsletters produced for staff working on the Novopay payroll project are available at the bottom of the page.

PRG updates

The Project Reference Group (PRG) was established to strategically advise the Ministry of Education on the daily operation of the Education Sector Payroll and the implementation of outsourced payroll services for the schools’ sector.

Membership of the PRG, at 29 January 2013, comprised representatives of:

  • NZ School Trustees Association (NZSTA)
  • Post Primary Teachers Association (PPTA)
  • Secondary Principals’ Association of NZ (SPANZ)
  • NZ Educational Institute (NZEI)
  • NZ Secondary Principals’ Council (NZSPC)
  • Schools Executive Officers’ Association (SEO)
  • National Association of Secondary Deputy and Assistance Principals (NASDAP)
  • NZ Area Schools Association (NZASA)
  • Service and Food Workers Union (SFWU)
  • NZ Principals’ Federation (NZPF)
  • NZ Association of Intermediate and Middle Schooling (NZAIMS)

Newsletters for schools

Novopay newsletters for schools are available at the bottom of the page.

Content last updated: 4 June 2013