Learning with digital technologies

With technology becoming key to education delivery, the Government has prioritised schools to receive ultra-fast broadband as it is being rolled out across New Zealand.

97.7 per cent of schools and 99.9 per cent of students will receive ultra-fast broadband capability by 2016. The remaining 2.3 per cent of schools in areas too remote for fibre will have access to improved broadband services via wireless. Three schools will receive satellite services.

As part of this commitment all state and state-integrated schools will receive a fully-funded connection to the fibre being rolled out in their area and be offered a fully-funded connection to the Network for Learning (N4L) managed network as it is rolled out across the country.

700 schools are due to connect to the N4L managed network in 2014 and all schools offered a connection by the end of 2016.

More information for schools about Ministry initiatives around learning with digital technologies is available on Te Kete Ipurangi 

Content last updated: 13 March 2014