School donations and fees vary depending on the type of school.

Education in state schools in New Zealand is free. However, schools may ask parents or caregivers for donations, which are voluntary contributions to running the school.

It is usual for the school to ask you to provide materials for equipment such as exercise books, pens, pencils etc. Schools often arrange opportunities for your child to experience learning outside the classroom, and may ask for money to pay for school trips. Talk to your classroom teacher or school principal if you have any concerns about this.

Schools may also charge fees for take home items, activities or events that are additional to basic delivery of the curriculum, provided the school has informed parents of this and they have agreed to pay the charges.

State-integrated schools can charge fees called ‘attendance dues’ for building costs or building maintenance.

If you are asked for a donation or fee from a state school and can't pay it, contact the school principal. In some cases, you may be entitled to financial support.

School uniforms

Some schools have a policy that all students enrolled must wear a school uniforms. Costs of school uniforms vary. Your school will have information about what you need and where you can get it.

Content last updated: 22 October 2009