Year levels

1. What is the Current Year Level?

The Current Year Level (CYL) goes from Year 1 (previously Primer 1 or J1) to Year 13 (previously Form 7).

Note that the Current Year Level does not necessarily match the Funding Year Level used for roll returns.

Schools decide the Current Year Level for their students. ENROL records the Current Year Level and increments the year level at the start of each year. Schools can reset the year level for any student if necessary.

2. Current Year Level in ENROL

New entrants who start school for the first time need to be given CYL=1. Every year, on January 1, the Current Year Level (CYL) is incremented in ENROL for all students except:

  • Students with CYL=1 who started after the last 1st July
  • Students with CYL=6 in a Contributing Primary School
  • Students with CYL=8 in a Full Primary or Intermediate School
  • Students with CYL=10 in a Restricted Composite School
  • Students with CYL=13

Students who have CYL=1 in ENROL in 2011 were incremented to CYL=2 in January 2012.
Students who started school after 1 July 2011 with CYL=1 will still have CYL=1 in 2012.

Schools can reset the year levels as long as they stay within the range for their type of school.

3. Why can’t I use Current Year 0 in ENROL for new entrants?

The National Administrative Guidelines (NAGs) define the year levels in New Zealand schools as 1 to 13. For more information see the National Adminstration Guidelines (NAGS) webpage.

The existence of year 0 has confused parents (and some schools) because it is at odds with other official information published about the New Zealand Education system. Administrative systems like ENROL are being re-designed to align fully with the NAGs.

Year Level 0 was specified for students starting after 1 July to enable computer software systems to increment year levels of new entrants in a sensible way. When the computer systems carried out automatic increases to year level at the start of a year, the children that started after 1 July were incremented from year 0 to year 1.

For academic and funding purposes it is simpler if all students begin in year 1. They can remain in year 1 until the school makes the decision that they are ready to move on to year 2.

New entrants can be distinguished in ENROL reports by their First Day of Attendance and the absence of a previous school.

4. How is Current Year Level set for new entrants in ENROL?

All students who start school for the first time will have Current Year Level (CYL) set to 1 when they are enrolled.

On January 1, the CYL of students who started before 1 July will be incremented to CYL=2. The CYL of students who started after 1 July 2011 will not be incremented and these students will have CYL=1 in 2012.

5. Late enrolments

If you enrol a student with a First Day of Attendance in the previous calendar year, be aware that the Entry Year Level will become the Current Year Level.

If this student’s Current Year Level has changed between the student’s First Day of Attendance and the day you perform the enrolment in ENROL, you will need to update the Current Year Level manually.

Content last updated: 30 March 2015