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This section includes information on payments that may be made to either an employer or employees under a range of teacher supply initiatives, and/or provisions of their appropriate employment agreements
This chapter includes information about the 1 March and 1 July roll returns, auditing the roll returns, and the records boards must keep of their rolls, enrolment and attendance
Use this form to apply for funding of retraining costs1 for a Ministry approved course.
Payments by parents of students in state and state-integrated schools
Circular 2013-06 Advice on the rights of Boards of Trustees, Proprietors, parents, and students in respect of requests for donations and other forms of payment in schools
Schools who do not have automatic Priority Staffing Status and are able to demonstrate a severe difficulty in recruiting to a position may apply for Priority Staffing Status for that position
Form for applying to use an elctronic attendance register.
Use this form to make a travel and accommodation claim for emergency staffing
Access forms and guidelines covering school policies, strategies and initiatives such as study awards, sabbatical leave schemes, study support grants, fellowships and more
Use this form to apply for funding for extraordinary roll growth for the 2014 school year

Content last updated: 13 October 2010