Support Staff in Schools' Collective Agreement

This document provides the terms and conditions of employment for support staff in state and state-integrated schools in New Zealand.

The term of this collective agreement is 4 August 2011 to 20 December 2013.

This collective agreement has been varied since settlement. This webpage and the download versions of the collective agreement below have been updated to include the variation.

The variation that has been made to this agreement since settlement is also attached as a separate document for download below.

The variation relates to the addition of the words (excluding Blind and Low Vision Network New Zealand employees) after “Residential or domestic services employee in a special school” in the coverage clause.

Table of contents

Part 1 Coverage/Term of Agreement

1.1 Parties to the Agreement
1.2 Coverage
1.3 Interpretation and Definition
1.4 Term of Agreement
1.5 Variation to Agreement

Part 2 Terms of Employment

2.1 Good Employer/Equal Employment Opportunities and Pay and Employment Equity
2.2 Appointments
2.3 Categories of Employment
2.4 Hours of Work and Weeks Per Year
2.5 Variation of Hours Per Week and/or Weeks Per Year
2.6 Variation to Hours or Weeks of Work for Employees Employed for a Fixed Term Pursuant to 2.3.3(1)(b)
2.7 Overtime

Part 3 Remuneration

3.1 Pay Rates
3.2 Effective Dates of Increases and Translation to Pay Scales
3.3 Operation of Grades for Associate and Administrative Classes
3.4 Administrative Class
3.5 Administrative Pay Scale
3.6 Associate Class
3.7 Associate Pay Scale
3.8 Recognised Qualifications
3.9 Higher Duties
3.10 Method of Payment
3.11 Annualisation
3.12 Salarisation

Part 4 Holidays

4.1 Public Holidays
4.2 Service for Leave Purposes
4.3 Annual Leave
4.4 Sick Leave
4.5 Domestic Leave
4.6 Parental Leave
4.7 Bereavement/Tangihanga Leave
4.8 Long Service Leave
4.9 Jury Service
4.10 Other Leave
4.11 Savings

Part 5 Expenses and Allowances

5.1 Motor Vehicle Allowance
5.2 Protective Clothing
5.3 First Aid Allowance
5.4 Dirty Work Allowance
5.5 Overnight Allowance
5.6 Meal Allowance

Part 6 Employment Protection and Surplus Staffing Provisions

6.1 Employment Protection Provision
6.2 Surplus Staffing Provision

Part 7 Other Conditions

7.1 Sexual Harassment Statement
7.2 Security
7.3 Immunisation
7.4 Working Conditions of Employees
7.5 Privacy Act
7.6 Access
7.7 Deductions 
7.8 Paid Union Meetings
7.9 Technology
7.10 Training
7.11 Professional Development
7.12 Termination of Employment
7.13 Complaints and Discipline
7.14 Abandonment of Employment
7.15 Record of Service

Part 8 Employment Relationship Problems


Memorandum of Understanding



Appendix A Staffing Merger
Appendix B Long Service Leave
Appendix B Retirement Leave
Appendix B Resigning Leave
Appendix B Maternity Leave
Appendix C Extract from the Employment Relations Act 2000
Appendix D Operation of the annualisation of projected annual earnings

Content last updated: 16 April 2014