School transport

Students who have to travel long distances to school, in areas where there is no suitable public transport, may be entitled to use a school bus or receive financial help for transport.

The Ministry contracts local service agents to manage the day to day operation of school transport services. There are some schools who have chosen to provide their own school transport under the direct resourcing option.

Transport assistance for students with special needs

School transport is available for students with special needs who require it for safety and/or mobility reasons. Parents/caregivers - or schools/other agencies acting on behalf of parents or caregivers - will need to apply for assistance. Parents should contact their local schools, local Ministry Special Education offices, or fundholder schools for further information on eligibility or contact your local special education school transport assistance operator.

Where to go for help

For details on school transport matters, you should refer to the Ministry's School Transport Toolkit, which includes 11 factsheets about school transport policy.

The toolkit will provide you with answers to your school transport questions on such topics as:

  • school transport eligibility and entitlement
  • school bus safety
  • school bus controllers' duties
  • school bus accidents and service failures.

Content last updated: 21 May 2015