Introducing New Zealand's education portal

We have launched a new site, that will eventually become the portal to all government education content.

We have also developed a site called for Parents within the portal to give parents practical information and answers to their questions about education. Check it out at for Parents and also get involved in continuing to build this site.

The portal is a Beta release, which means "we're not finished yet" and are in a test phase. You can find out more about the portal or explore the portal now.


Information about your child's education including tips on choosing an ECE service or school, what they learn, how their progress is assessed and more.

Visit the Parents' section


Teaching resources, curriculum information, forms and processes, teaching news and professional development.

Visit the Educators' section


Information and resources boards need for effective governance of their schools.

Visit the Boards' section


Study tools, websites, scholarships, guides to studying in New Zealand.

Visit the Students' section


Access to research literature with a focus on education in New Zealand.

Visit the Researchers' section

Content last updated: 16 September 2014